Information about the Warning

Hello, the following is information about the Garabandal prophecy regarding the Great Illumination, for your consideration:


I realize some (if not most) of you are not Catholic Christians. This is not an attempt to change that for your choices of how you think of God belongs to you. This message serves as a heads-up about a Catholic prophecy that many feel will be fulfilled soon (sometime between now and October 2024). If you are not a Catholic, you likely do not believe in private prophecies, so bear with me.

The prophecy states that will be a “Great warning,” or “Great Illumination” given by God. In this event, every person on earth, believer or not, will be shown the state of their souls according to how God sees their soul (every sin, every stain will be shown, even the smallest transgressions). This event will be a massive shock to tens of millions because those people don’t believe that sin exists, so to see their sinful acts as God sees them will be a massive surprise to them. God will do this as a message to all souls to repent in order to be saved. I realize for those who have no faith, salvation likely means nothing to you.

I post this for two reasons, (1) I want to inform you of the prophecy so that when it happens you will understand it is from God; (2) to warn you not let yourself be fooled (after the event) by people and scientists who might claim the event has a natural explanation—8-billion people experiencing this at once has no natural explanation.

When it happens, everyone will experience a 5–15-minute illumination of the state of their soul, don’t ignore it since it might be your last chance to spend your eternity in heaven with everyone you know and love. Some of you have said in the past that you see no proof of God and therefore you have no reason to believe (for you, God is akin to Santa Claus or fairy tales). Well, the warning is proof of God, and it is proof of God’s love for all souls—he wants no one to go to hell.

The warning is the greatest act of Mercy from God through all history. It will save millions, perhaps billions of souls.

If/when the warning happens, it is critical you do the following:

  1. Consider/think about everything you learned during the warning.
  2. Immediately repent of all your sins, preferably to a Catholic priest.
  3. Share your knowledge about this event with everyone you know. It is stated that God will give humanity six weeks to repent after the warning. During those six weeks, Satan will be prevented from tempting souls. After the six weeks, your choice (for or against God) will be made, and your eternal destination will be set (heaven or hell).
  4. Pray and seek forgiveness every day.
  5. If enough people do not repent, God will send a painful chastisement upon the world.

Important Note: The Church has not approved the Garabandal messages, nor has the Church banned them.  No one is held to believe in private revelations. Garabandal is a private message.