We live more than two-thousand years removed from the birth of Christ and the Christian faith. Through those intervening years, the Christian Church has experienced times of spiritual prosperity, and times of strife that sometimes shook the faithful to their core. The faith has blossomed from twelve men following the Lord, to more than 2.2-billion people professing some manner of faith in Jesus Christ. As we attempt to take an honest look at the world, and with a special focus on the United States—can we say the Christian faith is experiencing a time of growth and spiritual prosperity? Is Christianity, across all denominations, in a healthy state? Do Christians hold enough humility to look in the mirror to seek answers to our culture’s most pressing problems and issues?

In this release, Tom Johnson addresses those questions and more. Written in a direct, and to-the-point style, Jesus is the Way compels us to contemplate our role in the many cultural shifts seen throughout society. Do people care about carrying their cross? Is Christ at the center of their lives—or have we moved the Lord to the outside? Is our nation infested with sin? Is Satan real? Do our sins have an impact on our lives and our eternity? This book includes a Divine Mercy chapter.

Throughout this thought-provoking book, Johnson offers practical steps to help us launch toward a brighter future. We hope that the discussions found in this book will provide a catalyst for Christians to return to a full embrace of the Lord and all His truths.

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