The Message

The message of The Divine Mercy is direct and to the point: God loves every person. God wants us to know that His Mercy is greater than our sins. God wants us to trust in His Mercy. God wants us to receive His Mercy. God imparted His message of Mercy to Saint Faustina (a polish nun).  The Bible and salvation history is filled with passages and evidence of God’s incredible Mercy.

However, God’s Mercy is not endless. God told Saint Faustina to prepare the world for His Second Coming, for we live in the era (or time) of God’s Mercy, but one day this era will come to an end and God will then see us through the lens of His Divine Justice.

Never forget the phrase on the Divine Mercy Image:


*** Readers should take note that while the church recognizes Saint Faustina as a saint, it has not given approval to the quotes from her Diary.