About Us


Thank you for visiting our site. This site is intended to shine a light on Divine Mercy in an attempt to entice people to trust in the Lord’s unfathomable Mercy. Yet, God is the answer, which is why this site exists.

We pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy every day during the Mercy Hour—most days in Church before the Lord in the Tabernacle. We invite you to submit prayer requests through the landing page comments section. We will offer those petitions to the Lord every day when we say the Chaplet during the Mercy hour.



This site is hosted and maintained by Kepha Press (Go HERE). You might wonder why the host site holds that name.

As CATHOLICS, we consider St. Peter as the first Pope of the church. There have been many discussions and debates about this subject—suffice it to say we will not engage in those discussions here. We completely accept Peter as the first Pope and as the Christ-chosen first leader of the Lord’s church.

Our main business is publishing fiction devoid of the gratuitous violence and sex so many books and movies contain today. We want to be a safe place for printed entertainment (fiction that parents will not be worried for their kids to read, books that adults can also enjoy). Go HERE to see our novels. Why Kepha Press? At first, we wanted to start a book press, but that plan collapsed, which caused us to shift to a publishing route. We like the name, Kepha Press, so we stuck with it despite not being an actual print press company.

In Matthew 16, Jesus said to Peter: ‘You are rock (Kepha), and on this rock (Kepha, Peter) I will build my Church.’

Since the Lord used Kepha (rock) when speaking to Peter, it seemed fitting to use the same title for our universal site (Kepha Press or Rock Press).

Please send comments through the landing page or to admin@kephapress.com.